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We believe in looking at a past long ago where health was mostly reliant on simple solutions. Using plants to support the body daily through life. Simple formulas that you prepare then toss within 24hours of mixing with water. Formulas made with dried plants that could come from the back garden. Each Individual packet has the same quantity of herbs so you will receive the same experience time after time. Simple ways to keep balance within the body systems naturally….in the Old Way.

Jessica Brannan

Hello! I am Jessica Brannan. As a Certified Clinical Herbalist, My passion is mixing and making formulas that cater to each individual ailment. Originally born & raised in New Orleans, I now have lived half of my life in beautiful Colorado. Many years ago, I started to realize how toxic the products that I was using on myself and in my household were. I began a fun & interesting hobby of learning how to make & replace commercial products with DIY homemade options. I received my Certification at Herbalism Roots locally here in Denver alongside other classes online and at local apothecaries which brings me to a space of holding over 750 hours of education.  I began thinking, what if I create products the way women centuries ago would by using dried garden herbs to support the body. And what if I produced these products to sell at my local Farmer’s Markets. This is where Living Market Company was born, as an extension of my own household to yours.

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