Published On: May 26, 2020

“Very gently and quietly, almost as if it were the blood singing in her veins, or the water of the stream running over stones, she became conscious of a new feeling within her. She wondered for a moment what it was, and then recognized in her own person so famous a thing: is happiness” -Virginia Woolf, The Voyage Out

Happiness….so, so, so good. What a gift to walk through each day holding such bliss while life entertains so vividly. Appreciating the subtle, small moments throughout my day is a big key to my happiness. Do you take the time to sit and actually taste your morning coffee or afternoon tea? I am not interested in slamming a cup of average coffee during the mad chaos of the morning anymore. I used to do that. I have realized that I didn’t get to experience the joy that I was looking for by simply rushing through my daily habits. I decided to make a pact with myself…Each day I am going to make a cup of deliciousness that is worthy of sitting down to savor. Now, I decide to drink warm lemon water until I drop off the kiddo’s at school. Then I make my way home to truly ease into my morning. Once home, I load my Moka Pot with my favorite finely-ground espresso beans and fresh water. Once my espresso is brewed I pour it into my warm, perfectly frothed oat milk. When I first decided to place intention into my process I made it a point to specifically search for what coffee I can easily call my favorite. Another big choice, would I rather a French Press, Moka Pot, Espresso machine, or Drip System? How can I make my coffee experience the most pleasurable? I do these things purposefully to make my morning routine an expression of the way I choose to live my life. Happiness happens for me when I make every small decision count. The accumulation of these moments make up an entire day of conscious purpose. What person wouldn’t thrive in this mind-set? Appreciation and attention to such simple, small details in daily life can bloom outstanding abundance. And this, my friends, is where I draw my own happiness into my World.

” The True Secret of Happiness Lies In Taking A Genuine Interest In All The Details Of Daily Life.” -William Morris

Another way to live consciously is by opening our hearts and choosing to recognizing our emotions throughout the day. True healing can occur when we are being honest with ourselves. So many of us tend to live solely from the mind through constant thought. As a kid I remember feeling my emotions so intensely, so close up and vivid. Every step throughout my day was filled…filled with moments of pure joy and on the other hand, moments of pure agony. Lately, I feel as though God is pushing me out of my own head and back into my heart space. I keep getting messages that if I want to move into further healing, I need to feel the feels. Our emotions are given to each and every one of us as a gauge to read how we feel about any and every situation that is occurring around us or to us. You could say that this gauge brings us ultimately closer to ourselves. Closer to the way we want to feel…if we listen and act accordingly. When I know what I feel, I know what I want. I know what resonates down to my core. What makes me tick? What makes me feel the most like “me”. I believe that I connect with joy so much more frequently when I feel as though I am living my truth. Truth that is in accordance which aligns with my spirit. When my soul is at ease, my world revolves around the enjoyment of even the mundane daily tasks that life throws at me. Of coarse, I am not always happy. I wouldn’t want to live every moment always happy. Without the variety of emotions that God has given us all, we couldn’t cherish the experience of laughter and happiness right there in the moment.

“There’s no path to happiness: happiness is the path” -Buddha

Does your life reflect who you are? Living in accordance with your emotions can bring such a wonderful sense of authenticity. Be You! All of You!! Surround yourself with the things that you love. Do the things that you love to do. Eat the things that you love to eat. Wear the clothes that are a true expression of who you are. And most importantly, when you start to care about what makes you “You”…you will start to form a loving relationship with yourself. It is important to care about how you are treated…Especially how you are treating yourself. Care about each moment whole-heartedly. Life is a precious gift. God is right here….each and every second. I bet praying that we will pay attention; hoping that we will open our arms to embrace the little moments which can bring us satisfaction in our lives. By becoming my own best friend, I have opened up a next level of happiness that I never had before. Bring happiness into your life by loving who you are. That will make you smile…sure does make me smile. Be bold, my friends. Be kind. Be authentic. Be as gracious to yourself as you are to others. Hold space…for we are all learning and growing. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and ever so softly curve your lips into a smile that is only intended for you. – Jessica