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Fennel Mint Digestive Support Focused Tea Blend


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Fennel Mint Digestive Focused Tea Blend

30oz Tea Pot Serving Tea Pot

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Our Fennel Mint Digestive Focused Tea Blend is a wonderful way to relax after a full dinner or meal. Sit back and sip on this flavorful tea which soothes, supports, & calms the Digestive system of the body.

  • Fennel seeds, Peppermint, & Ginger are carminative which help digestive systems stay happy by reducing excess gas & bloating.
  • Peppermint Leaf can help improve digestion, reduces bloating as a carminative, & anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Marshmallow Root has Demulcent properties that coats the mouth, throat, stomach which offers soothing relief to mucus membranes for gastrointestinal support.
  • Lemon Verbena is a digestive aide to settle the stomach while being a delightful lemon tasting addition.
  • Dandelion Root is an herb considered a Bitters which stimulates appetite and digestion by encouraging beneficial digestive fluids.
  • Burdock Root is cooling by nature which soothes. Burdock is a diuretic, an alternative,  and also also aides in digestion.
  • Grapefruit Peel adds a bright & tart citrus flavoring.
  • Anisse Hyssop is in the Lamiaceae mint family. Anisse, also called licorice mint, has astringent and aromatic properties.

Directions: Add Contents to 30oz tea pot of hot water, Steep at least 5min, then enjoy!
1 cup 2x day

Ingredients: Fennel Seed(Foeniculum vulgare)*, Peppermint( Mentha x piperita)*, Marshmallow Root(Althaea officinalis)*, Ginger Rhizome(Zingiber officinale)*, Lemon Verbena(Aloysia citriodora)*, Dandelion Leaf(Taraxacum officinale)*, Burdock Root(Arctium iappa)*, Grapefruit Peel(Citrus x paradisi)*, Anisse Hussop(Agastache foeniculum)* *Organic

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