Published On: October 23, 2019

Taking the time in our days to settle in and enjoy living.

“Put your thoughts to sleep, do not let them cast a shadow over the moon of your heart. Let go of thinking. ” Rumi

The mind, if you let it, can rule your whole day making it cluttered by constant activity which is one of the reasons I feel our society has such issues as chronic anxiety and adrenal fatigue. Every second does thought take over and have you in a spin for hours? Do you get caught up waiting for your future? “I will be happy when I get that perfect job or my life will totally change when I can move into a new place.” When you cannot truly enjoy today because you are waiting for some specific event to happen in your life there is a disconnect that begins to take away the enjoyment of day to day life. Each and every day…all day long you have the choice to enjoy right now.

How about being in a constant repeat of a situation that happened recently? That event that you cannot get out of your head. What could I have said or done differently. Do these thoughts surface over and over throughout your day on a constant rotation? This is a habit that I didn’t even realize was indeed a habit. The potential trap that our minds loop for the sole purpose of doing its job. What??? Our minds were created to do the job of being logical, to get shit done, to learn, and to make decisions. It is good to appreciate our minds for what it does for us, but so good for us when we recognize that our thoughts are not completely who we actually are. When I started the practice of daily meditation it opened up so much more of myself to understand. I began to feel more happiness daily. We are so much more vast than we seem. Quieting down the mind becomes a wonderful tool to truly get to know yourself.

“Why are you so afraid of silence, silence is the root to everything. If you spiral into its void, a hundred voices will thunder messages you long to hear.” Rumi

I also used to keep myself so busy that I would barely have time to sit down and eat a meal. Our days can be as jammed packed as we want them to be. My Word! Doing and thinking continuously has to be the determining factor for so many people in this world feeling complete disconnect. Take a moment to bring yourself into a space of being and not just doing. A brilliant thought to hold tight is that when the mind is thinking then that means it cannot listen to the guidance that wants to be given to you.

God nudges, whispers, and plants seeds in such a so subtle way that could only be called poetic. The only way that we can hear clearly is if we enjoy the pause throughout our days and leave space for Spirit to speak. That is why I chose to call this blog “In Living Moment”. There is so much to live for every day of our lives…and so much to listen for so that we can live abundantly with grace as God gently shows us the way. What a great gift!

Close your eyes and envision a specific place that brings you peace. I love to sit outside with a cup of tea and stare out into the field behind my house. Take a moment today and enrich your life in such a small, but caring way. Sit and clear your mind of all thinking. Thoroughly enjoy the space that you are giving to yourself to just be and allow inspiration to come in.

Let’s wrap our arms around life. In living wholeheartedly through each moment, we are able to connect with our own authentic truth of exactly who we want to be…..and exactly who we are. The more and more you cherish those special spaces throughout your day the more and more you will make it a priority. Grab ahold and enjoy the time in your days that bring peace. You so deserve it! I want you to feel the sun and hear the stars.

Love you all & Many blessings- Jessica

“When your world moves too fast and you lose yourself in the chaos, introduce yourself to each color of the sunset. Reaquaint yourself with the earth beneath your feet. Thank the air that surrounds you with every breath you take. Find yourself in the appreciation of life.” Christy Ann Martine