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Well-Being Women’s Focused Tea Blend


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Well-Being Women’s Focused Tea Blend

30oz Tea Pot

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Well-Being Women’s Focused Tea Blend is a beautiful blend that supports Women specifically to help try to find balance within our bodies. Nutritive dense and Hormone supportive, this tea helps to center & establish well-being. You can drink this tea to relax and also to add the benefits of this balanced herbal tea blend.

  • Raspberry Leaf*(Rubus idaeus) is a leaf that is an Astringent, Diuretic, and Antioxidant that contains many Vitamins & Minerals. This herb is very cooling & drying by action and is used as a Cardiac tonic & also a Nutritive tonic. Red Raspberry Leaf is known to strengthen/tone the Uterus and very supportive to women.
  • Red Clover Blossom*(Trifolium pratense) may help nutrients to get absorbed into the body while also assisting the Lymphatic System w elimination as a gentle Diuretic. It is used traditionally for skin health & for menopausal symptoms. Red Clover contains estrogen-like properties which may help to maintain optimal estrogen levels yet at the same time may also reduce high levels as well.
  • Oat Straw*(Avena sativa) a gentle restorative herb which may reduce anxiety by nourishing the body with many nutrients such as Silica, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin B, & Vitamin E. A great herb to nourish the Nervous System.
  • Tulsi Basil*(Ocimum sanctum) a lovely Adaptogen used in Ayurvedic practices which calms the Nervous System. Tulsi Basil, a member of the mint family, is known as an Antioxidant, Immune System Support, & may even be used to help normalize Glucose levels. This beautiful herb is said to bring balance to the body.
  • Spearmint*(Mentha spicata) an aromatic herb of the Lamiaceae family that adds such a pleasant mint flavoring.
  • Burdock Root*(Arctium lappa) is cooling by nature which soothes. Burdock is a diuretic, an alternative,  and also also aides in digestion.
  • Hibiscus*(Hibiscus sabdariffa) brings a tart flavoring that may potentially help lower blood pressure.
  • Orange Peel*(Citrus x sinensis) adds a bright, citrus flavoring while adding nutritional value such as Vitamin C.
  • Shatavari Root*(Asparagus racemosus)
  • Black Cohosh*(Actaea racemosa)



Directions: Add Contents to 30oz tea pot of hot water, Steep at least 5min, then enjoy!
1 cup 2x day

Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf*(Rubus idaeus), Red Clover Blossom*(Trifolium pratense), Oat Straw*(Avena sativa), Tulsi Basil*(Ocimum sanctum), Spearmint*(Mentha spicata), Burdock Root*(Arctium lappa), Hibiscus*(Hibiscus sabdariffa), Orange Peel*(Citrus x sinensis), Shatavari Root*(Asparagus racemosus), Black Cohosh*(Actaea racemosa)

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